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If You Are the One” Dating Reality TV Shows in Harbin The Yale. Zhang’s daughter, Qu, was confirmed to be dating Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson last February. Aug 7, 2012. The Chinese dating game show, 非诚勿扰 in English, “If You Are the One,” although a literal translation would be “If you aren't sincere, don't.

Love and Blood Types in the Chinese Dating Scene - Yoyo Chinese The 32-year-old singer-song writer was born and raised in Harbin and moved to Canada at age 16. Jul 7, 2016. Curious to see what 'blood type dating theory' says about you. She grew up in the snowy city of Harbin, and now spends many weekends.

Vancouver's mayor is dating a Chinese pop star—and her mother. The Harbin International Snow and Ice Festival in northern China has begun its 32nd year with sculptures and towers reaching up to 150 feet hh. Apr 24, 2015. According to Chinese state media link in Chinese, Qu was detained this week, after having been sacked from her position at the Harbin.

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