Unfortunately, the overcrowding of Earth has had an unforeseen consequence. Suicide is the norm for settlers, but those born on Mars do not have the same problem, neither do most of the youngsters who move to Mars. After hearing about an alley where male prostitutes sold their services, he decided to visit, to just see what it was all about and to temporarily escape his mundane existence.
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Usually, I'd like to take a few months to a year or more, before I review a product, but recently, I've purchased WAY too many products to give every product on here a review (3-4 years of “magical” purchases throws a guy like me, back on reviews; thus I don't write a review as quickly as I used to). However, if your budget is limited, or you think that I'm overly insane with all my purchases, then I have here, some very helpful information that will help you make a more informed decision for which ITR device is rht for you!
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