Can you hook up two water heaters

How to Install a Tankless Water Heater - HomeTips To add a 2nd heater in parallel would require additional piping runs to serve the house (usually the new addition) and it's much simpler and cheaper to just add in series. Apr 26, 2016. Installing a gas tankless water heater involves mounting the unit, connecting gas. An indoor, electric tankless water heater does not need to be vented to. old water heater, shut off the valves on the two water lines one inlet.

Connecting Geo to Hot water Heater GeoExchange® Forum This could present a flow problem if the extra fixtures are too much for the size of the line. Do you need two tanks to make this work. The plan is to get rid of my current propane water heater, so I will just end up getting two new.

How to Install a Water Heater Using a SharkBite Connector In that case, parallel would be required to allow for adequate flow. Learn how to install SharkBite Flexible Water Heater Connectors to connect hot. connectors make fast work of water heater hot and cold supply line hook-up.

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