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Tantraværkstedet - Tantra Massage Training for Professionals Tibetan calendar making is based on the Sri Kalachakra Tantra (Wheel of Time Tantra), which was translated into Tibetan from Sanskrit in 1027 A. The first chapter of these hh level Buddhistic teachings, External Kalachakra, includes Tibetan cosmology and chronological studies. Tantra Massage for Professionals - The present of lht. Upcoming date 9 - 18 October 2015, Samsø, Denmark. In order to sn up or get.

Tibetan Calendar The official Tibetan calendar is lunar, but in Tibetan calendar making different systems are used, which harmonize solar and lunar factors. Tibetan calendar making is based on the Sri Kalachakra Tantra Wheel of Time Tantra. but it is different to the Tibetan and starts the year on a different date.

Making Love - Tantra Meditation Retreat for Couples, a Step in. There are three systems for defining the New Year: The Tibetan New Year (Losar) falls around February - lunar system The Kalachakra New Year falls in April - solar system The Elemental New Year falls around December - lunar system It is important to keep these different systems apart because they have their own purposes. THE MAKING LOVE RETREAT Hella & Christian, Date. THE MAKING LOVE RETREAT Janet and Gene McGeever, Date. Web,

Copenhagen Heart Awakening Institute CHAI The Elemental New Year falls in December and is used in the calculation of an Elemental horoscope to define a person's age. De er internationalt anerkendte og underviser i tantra både i Danmark og i. mere sikker på d selv og autentisk i dine relationer, i dine venskaber og dating.

Tantric Deep Dating - Lørdag 13. maj kl. 18.00. - Alle Arrangementer Losar - The Tibetan New Year The official Tibetan New Year, Losar, is celebrated on the first day of the first month of the Tibetan lunar calendar and it falls around the February new moon. Natha Yogacenter Danmark. Tantric Deep Dating - Lørdag 13. maj kl. 18.00-21.00 AARHUS. Lørdag, – Vester Allé 8, Aarhus.

Date med fræk massage – Ekstra Bladet The first month is ed Hor-zla (Mongolian month) because of their Mongolian connection. Jun 2016. Isabellas sexpedition handler denne gang om tao-tantra massage. Af Anne-Sophie. Find selv en fræk partner på Se også.

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